Saturday, 26 September 2009

Two More Mouths to Feed

That's right! We have two more mouths to feed. A is such a rebel. She sees the words NO PETS on the front door as a suggestion. I really thinks she looks upon those two words as a challenge. So far our rebel had broken the rules with Goldfish. K took her to"Pet Zoo". That is the local pet store. A was looking for more goldfish or so I thought. when she came in the door the first thing she said to me was "Don't get scared". I was thinking tarantula, or worse... snake. I had not even seen what she brought home yet and I was already thinking "I'm in trouble!!!"

K went about the business of helping her set up the small fish tank that she has. Once that was ready she pulled out her purchase. Two small mice. Well to say I was relieved is an understatement. It's been about eight years since she had her rats. They were the cutest things you have ever seen. They were Russian Blue rats. She named them Snoopy and Woodstock. And they were her buddies.

While they settled in she thought of names for them. The names fit them. See the brownish tan one? His name is Wheeler. This is a good name for him because well.... He is addicted to his wheel. He gets in that thing and runs like mad. I wonder if he knows he's not going anyplace?? Then there is Smalls. He is the two toned white and grayish brown little guy. He likes the wheel as well. The only problem I can see for Smalls is when he gets on the wheel with Wheeler. He either has to keep up with Wheeler or if is forced to hang on and ride the wheel while hanging upside down. Poor Guy!!

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